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Played on the last weekend week, I Chess Tournament U-20 " Axis Ponte de Lima " with the responsibility of international arbitration judge chess Ferreira Vitorino . This evidence was to the national master organizer Carlos Carneiro you want to promote a circuit of tournaments until the end of August .

Thus , this evidence was part of a philosophy of chess / tourism and had 71 participants from Portuguese and Spanish clubs . The excellent competitive level was noticed because the leadership was shared by six players , which was included in the athlete NXVSC - Didáxis , Luís Silva who qualified second mercy of tiebreakers .

The big winner was the experienced athlete Galitos Aveiro Gustavo Pires . The individual highlight for prizes won by athletes NXVSC - Didáxis : Luis Roman ( U-20 ) , Ivo Dias ( Under- 14 ) , Alice Machado Oliveira ( U- 8 ) , Elisa Machado Oliveira ( 2nd sub ​​- 8 ) Barrier and Rui ( 3rd sub ​​-13 ) . Collectively, the NXVSC - Didáxis managed to secure second place behind the team from Guimarães GDR friends Urgeses . The podium was completed with the club penichense AX Mamede Diogo .

This event was characterized as a mini - stage chess to students participating in the NXVSC - Didáxis since aimed to prepare them for the national championship of young (10 to 14 April in Torres Vedras ) slow in practice matches as well as its analysis . The delegation was headed by club Famalicense responsible teachers , Mário Oliveira and José Azevedo .

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