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The Axis Viana Hotel has patent, until the month of February, the eight- piece plastics , integrated artists in the collective exhibition " Senses " , promoted by the Axis Group Hotels & Golf, which features 60 works allocated among the different hotels. The initiative is a sympathetic character , since angariadas revenues accrue to believe .

In Viana do Castelo , painting and ceramics are the strands that can be enjoyed . Among the artists who will be present at the show, especially the potter Sérgio Amaral , first prize winner of the International Contemporary Art Fair of Craft 2010.

The surrealist painting of Mario Rebelo de Sousa is another of the attractions of the patent exhibition at Axis Viana . Born in St. Mary Anchor , the artist affixed to the use of oil pastel , acrylic and watercolor paint china for their creations . Leopoldino Silva , Mario Garrido , Lurdes Rodrigues , Victor Alves , Iolanda Parente and Helena Almeida are the other artists participating in the show . Admission is free.

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