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The restaurant Migaitas Station '

It is in Station Square in Maximinos ....

"Axis Ofir" - Ofir, site of the stage Moreirense

Moreirense - Reinforcements bring well studied lesson ...
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"Hotel Axis - Ponte de Lima" - Diário do Minho

Exhibition of painting and photography patent in Ponte de Lima " We Axis " , in Ponte de Lima , is open until next February an exhibition of painting and photography under the project " 4 Elements 5 Senses " .

Revista Casas & Dominios

Holiday in the oldest town in Portugal "In the middle of Minho, the Axis Ponte de Lima Hotel offers a relaxing stay during the winter ... Read More Press this record Domains & Homes magazine.

"Axis Ofir" - OJE

Axis Ofir reopens renovated interior with " The four star Hotel Axis Ofir ," the group Axis Hotels & Golf, reopened after 28 days closed for remodeling floor 0 .
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"Axis Ofir" - OJE

We Ofir , four star Hotels Group Axis & Golf, suggests a special program targeted for those passionate about surfing. Those interested will be able to enjoy a lecture mode with duration of one hour , followed by a specialized instructor .
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"Axis Ponte de Lima Golf" - Correio do Minho

The new sports season of the Golf Club de Braga (CGB) starts next Saturday with the completion of the 1st tournament of Merit 2011, the Axis Golf -. Ponte de Lima.

"The Arabian Nights of Basic Braga" - Alma do Viajante Online

Basic Braga, the new low cost hotel opened in the north of Portugal by the group Axis Hotels & Golf...

"Axis Ponte de Lima" - Correio do Minho

First Chess Tournament " Axis Ponte de Lima " U-20 " NXVSC - Didáxis brilliant."
In view of the National Youth Championships in April , the Didáxis had a good presence in I Chess Tournament " Axis Ponte Lima " .

"Axis Golfe" - Diário do Minho

Close to a hundred golfers in Ponte de Lima " Peter and Manuel Rodrigues wins Tournament of Carnival "
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"Basic Hotel Braga" - Publico - Fugas

' Braga New low cost hotel with rooms from 25 euros " reclassified a building next to the Railways Braga Iron Station, Axis & Golf Hotels Group has inaugurated the Basic Braga by Axis , a luxurious low cost promises rooms at 25 euros a " modern and simple " style .

"Axis Golfe" - Correio da Manhã

Rui Couto (net) and Hyginus Araújo (gross) is anointed champions mini circuit Axis Golf (three tournaments), played in Ponte de Lima, Minho, reserved for amateur players.

"Axis Porto" - Vida Económica

Axis Porto hosts Job Fair "Hotel Axis Porto", the four star Hotel & Golf Axis Group, was chosen for the realization of the International Job Fair for Health Professionals The local event, first held in Portugal , due on the 17th of March on show will be 14 countries represented.

"Axis Ofir" - MC Porto prepares "20th Place Moto-rally"

MO 20 Moto - Rally Interest promoted by MC Harbour , which is part of the 15th Trophy Moto - Rally rental Michelin / BMW FPM is planned for the next 26 to 27 March ...

"Basic Hotel Braga" - Publituris Hotelaria

Basic Braga Hotel opens in March " The Axis Group " is to complete the project Decorating Basic Hotel and intends to open the drive in soft -opening in the first week of March

"Axis Ofir" - Jornal de Notícias

Paintings by Antonio Nunes in "Ofir" We Ofir has patent paintings of Antonio Nunes. Part of the sale of works remains to the Believing. The exhibition can be seen until the end of February and is integrated in the cultural project developed by the Group Axis Hotels & Golf.

"Axis Ofir" - Semanário Sol

Axis Ofir with new image "Hotel Axis Ofir", in Braga, reopened in January with a new decor, avant-garde concept.

"Axis Ofir" - Diário do Minho

The Professional School of Esposende organizes gastronomic forum.

"Axis Viana" - OJE

Hotel Axis Viana promotes " Senses " The Axis Viana Hotel has patent, until the month of February, the eight- piece plastics , integrated artists in the collective exhibition " Senses " , promoted by Axis & Golf Hotels Group , which features 60 works allocated among the different hotel units .

"Axis Porto Business & Spa Hotel" - Estética Viva


"Consolidation of Knowledge" The makeup artist Paolo Guatelli, creator of the brand Eva Garden by Paolo Guatelli, was in Portugal to teach a course of professional makeup Level 2.

Público - suplemento Revista Fugas

Trails Magazine (Public) - April 4, 2009 The Trails Magazine, published with the newspaper Publico April 4, 2009, includes a roadmap of new architecture in Viana do Castelo, that highlights the Axis Viana Hotel.

Magazine "Arquitectura e Arte" - March 2009

The Architect / A magazine published in its issue of March 2009, an extensive article about the Axis Viana Hotel.

Revista Wallpaper - Março 2009

Wallpaper magazine article published in March 2009 on the Axis Viana Hotel and architecture in the city of Viana.


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