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Location Axis Viana

In Viana do Castelo, the Axis Viana Business & SPA Hotel is located on Av Capitão Gaspar de Castro, next to the main road junction entering the city via the A28 / A27 (in front of the Escola Superior de Educação-ESE and next to the mainland.

The same Avenue that serves the Hotel connects directly to the historic center of the city.

Coming from the South on the A28, exit towards Viana, right after the bridge over the Lima River (exit nº 23, km 70).

Viana do Castelo is 45 minutes from the city of Porto and 35 minutes from the Airport, via the A28. You can quickly access Spain via the A28 to Vila Nova Cerveira or via Ponte de Lima via the A3 to Valença.

Av. Captain Gaspar de Castro, nº 866
4900-462 Viana do Castelo

Phone: (+351) 258 802 000
Call to the national fixed network
Fax: (+351) 258 802 001

GPS coordinates
Latitude: 41°42'09.8"N
Longitude: 8°49'11.4"W

Discover the region - Viana

Viana do Castelo was a historical starting point in the Age of Discovery. Enjoy your cultural holidays in one of the most important places in our history.

Axis Viana is located in the city of Viana do Castelo, capital of national folklore, located in the heart of Vinho Verde and the area of the most authentic national gastronomy.

Viana do Castelo is a unique city, where we can enjoy the beauty of the Lima River and the Atlantic. With kilometers of beaches, of the most diverse landscapes, and surrounding mountains that protect the city with an immense green mantle.

Throughout the year, throughout the Minho region, several religious festivities and popular fairs take place. The festivities in Viana do Castelo culminate in mid-August, with the celebration of the Pilgrimage of Nossa Senhora da Agonia. On these days, the streets fill with people to watch the procession of floats, big heads and colorful local costumes, accompanied by traditional music and gastronomy.

Along the river Minho, which separates Spain from Portugal, are the picturesque border towns of Valença, Monção, Melgaço and Caminha.

Arcos Valdevez, Ponte da Barca, Ponte de Lima, Barcelos and other historic 'villages' of Minho, are a must visit for anyone who wants to know this region, not forgetting all of Galicia, especially Santiago with its 'paths'.

After all, everything is so close…

Easy access to Braga and Guimarães, or even Porto, justifies choosing Viana for your next visit to the north.

To learn more, visit these sites:

Viana do Castelo City Hall


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