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Location Axis Porto

Porto is one of the oldest tourist destinations, with a comprehensive, attractive and eclectic tourist offer.

The topographical fabric attracts with its diversity of style: narrow medieval-style streets and alleys, modern squares and avenues and new contemporary constructions are important attractions for lovers of urban exploration.

The intense cultural offer of facilities and services (theaters, libraries, museums, heritage and other activities) contrasts with the serenity that a walk along the riverfront or the Atlantic coast can provide!

The Axis Porto Business & SPA Hotel is located right in the center of the university, in one of the best accessible areas in Porto, next to the ring road and access to the A3 motorway, very close to Hospital S. João.

This Hotel in Porto has a privileged location and accessibility, both for those who want to use the Metro (S. João at 700 meters), and for those who have their own transport.

Located at Rua Maria Feliciana and Rua Aurélia de Sousa nº 100, at the northern entrance to the city of Porto, it very easily finds its way and all the valences of the city, and both North and South, it very quickly reaches its destination.

*Airport -9 km on expressway;
*Exponor - 8 km on the expressway;
*Port Metro - 600 m;
*S. João Hospital - 500 m;
*Dragon Stadium (FCP) - 3 km;
*Oporto Center - 4 km;
*Train Station - 5 km;
*A3, A4 and VCI - 500 m.

Rua Maria Feliciana, nº 100
4465-283 São Mamede de Infesta - Porto

Phone: (+351) 229 052 000
Call to the national fixed network
Fax: (+351) 229 052 009

GPS coordinates
Latitude: 41°11'16.4"N
Longitude: 8°35'51.2"W

Discover the Region - Porto

Overlooking the Douro River, Porto is one of the oldest cities in Europe. It was born and developed during the Middle Ages, from the northern image of the Douro River. One of the most significant aspects of Porto and the historic center is its landscape, the result of the harmony of its lines and urban structure, which constitute an ensemble of rare beauty.

The city was classified as a UNESCO Heritage Site in 1996. Discovering Porto is to meet many surprises. Beside the hospitable and conservative character there is a contemporary and creative city. The marks of this “knowing how to be” can be felt in the streets, architecture and monuments, museums, leisure spaces, terraces and shopping areas.

The attractions are many and diverse. The Monuments, Museums and Churches, Bridges, Cellars, Markets and Fairs, Natural Parks, Festivals and Pilgrimages are just a few reasons for choosing this destination.

You can visit the areas classified as Cultural Heritage of Humanity and discover the Historic Center of Porto by taking the four walking routes: Sé, Ribeira / S. Nicolau, Vitória and Miragaia.

Port Wine is the fortified wine, produced exclusively in the Demarcated Region of the Douro, aged and exported in the city of Porto, from which it takes its name. The Port Wine cellars are the privileged place to get in touch with this national drink and all its history. Open to the public, they offer the opportunity to taste this precious nectar, learn about its journey through time, the region where it is produced and how it is obtained.

Porto's cultural life is far from limited to its historical and monumental heritage. Terraces, concert halls, cinemas, Internet access, music, boat trips, nightlife, are just some of the offers in the leisure area.
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