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Location Axis Ofir

Located in Esposende, an area of recognized tourist interest, the Axis Ofir Beach Resort Hotel is located next to Ofir beach.

A Hotel in Esposende ready to serve you!

Privileged location

This hotel in Esposende benefits from the proximity to a beach, which has an extensive sandy beach, easy access and with all the necessary infrastructures for visitors. The surrounding vegetation, protected by walkways and fences, makes this bathing area an excellent option for those looking for rest, tranquility and well-being!

The privileged location and the existence of excellent access roads make it possible to easily travel to places of interest in the region.

Esposende - 3 km;
Póvoa de Varzim (Casino) - 12 km;
Vila do Conde - 15 km;
Viana do Castelo (crafts and ceramics) - 25 km;
Sá Carneiro Airport - 35 km;
Ponte de Lima - 35 km;
Porto (Port Wine Cellars) - 45 km;
Valencia - 75 km;
Spain - 80 km.

Rua Raul Sousa Martins, nº 99
4740-405 Ofir - Esposende
Phone: (+351) 253 989 800
Call to the national fixed network
Fax: (+351) 253 981 871

GPS coordinates
Latitude: 41°31'00.2"N
Longitude: 8°47'07.3"W

Discover the region - Ofir

Axis Ofir is located in one of the most beautiful landscapes in northern Portugal. The coast of Esposende, is part of the Natural Park of the North Coast, a protected area of great beauty, where you can enjoy the natural paths, or simply be enchanted by the beach and the pine forest of Ofir, right next to the Hotel.

We are committed to enriching your stay at the Hotel, providing you with all the necessary information so that you can explore a wonderful region!

Explore Ofir Beach and the Natural Surroundings

A few hundred meters away, the Cávado river, its estuary and its mouth, are a sanctuary for migratory birds, filling the skies of Ofir with a spectacle that you can enjoy from the hotel's balconies.

The city of Esposende is 3 km away, as well as Fão, 1 km away, and Apulia 2 km away. The Castro de S. Lourenço is a national monument and one of the best examples of Castro culture in Portugal.

For lovers of culture, the heritage is vast, worth visiting.

For athletes there are several activities available, among them; golf, karting, shooting, horses.

Esposende also benefits from its proximity to cities such as Viana do Castelo (25 km), Barcelos (15 km), Póvoa de Varzim (12 km), Braga (35 km), always on recent highways. But come here and we have indicated the best places to visit.

To learn more, visit these sites:

Visite Esposende - to get to know Esposende, Fão, Ofir, the beaches, the Cávado river, History, Nature, Culture, the Natural Park, what to see, what to do.

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