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Location Casa De Anquião

Casa de Anquião is just three kilometers from the village of Ponte de Lima and is located in the middle of the Ponte de Lima Golf Course, between Fairways 3, 4 and 5.

Discover the Region - Ponte de Lima

Located in the region of Vale do Lima and overlooking the river that gave it its name, the village of Ponte de Lima has a set of unique landscape features that have always given this village in the Alto Minho its own originality and specificity.

Its historical past, marked by a strong medieval reference that can still be seen today in the urban layout of the town, was supported by an economic structure based on the commercial and mercantile character, which was reinforced when, in 1125, D. Teresa granted it a charter institutionalizing the Feira which, like today, extends along the urban front of the town bordering the Lima.

It was the stronghold of D. Pedro and D. Fernando and played an important role in the time of D. João I. The river, a point of reference and orderly axis of the town, was a very active means of communication until the dawn of the 20th century, establishing the link between the town and the urban centers on the coast and in the interior of the valley. Crossed by a medieval bridge, built from a Roman one, which established the contacts between the two banks and allowed the connection of the town, by land, to other places, having often served as an obligatory passage for pilgrims heading to Santiago de Compostela.

Quinta de Pias - Fornelos 4990-620
Ponte de Lima - Portugal

Phone: (+351) 258 900 252
Call to the national fixed network
Fax: (+351) 258 900 259

GPS coordinates
Latitude: 41.749992
Longitude: -8.562741

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