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Leisure Axis Viana

Holidays in Viana do Castelo

Endowed with a stunning landscape, the city allows easy pedestrian circulation and has an urban transport network, which facilitates the exploration of the city.

Viana do Castelo presents all the conditions for a stay with quality of life and unforgettable, either for the tranquility and security of urban life, or for the wealth of its historical, cultural and natural heritage, or even for the diversity of activities and leisure and social facilities. that the city makes available to its visitors during their holidays in Viana.

Hotel with a privileged location in Viana do Castelo In Viana do Castelo, let yourself be dazzled by the country's most famous folk traditions, the unique and rich handicrafts, the welcoming atmosphere of the city, the exploration of the surrounding natural areas, including the magnificent beaches or the surrounding green areas, ideal for sports.

Relax and have fun in Viana do Castelo Bathing area with extensive beaches, during your stay or holidays in Viana do Castelo you can do various water sports. Specialized professionals offer the opportunity to practice or learn various activities.

Golf: four excellent quality golf courses make it possible to practice this sport or learn with qualified professionals (Ponte de Lima Golf Course, Estela Golf Course, Amarante Golf Course and Quinta da Barca Golf Course)

*Jet Ski.
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