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Leisure Axis Ofir

Activities & Leisure

In addition to refined and comfortable accommodation, the Hotel also offers support and leisure services, as well as other types of offers that you can enjoy during your two holidays in Esposende.

For example, in the “Latitude” store you will find the perfect combination of furniture and decoration from the four corners of the world, with wines and books on various interests.

Spend excellent holidays in Esposende

The Axis Ofir Beach Resort Hotel has everything you need for a truly comfortable, diverse holiday that will reward you for busy days and stress throughout the year.

Hotel facilities
*4 Bowling lanes;
* Billiards;
*Games and TV room;
*Free WiFi;
*Table tennis;
*2 outdoor swimming pools;
*2 Tennis Courts;
*Football turf;
*Dune and pine forest area with direct access to the beach.

Facilities near the hotel
*Wave pool;
*Shooting range;
* Discotheques;
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