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Leisure Basic Braga

Activities and Leisure

Braga, with more than two thousand years of history!

About the Region
The Axis Group's Hotel de Braga allows you to enjoy the proximity of all the heritage and cultural wealth of an emblematic city of our country.

As a Renaissance citizen, enter Braga through the Arco da Porta Nova, where the keys to the city were handed over.

This symbolic key opens to him the doors of a millenary city that keeps in its monuments the shine of the power that its bishops had.

Its Cathedral, the oldest in the country, was the greatest religious reference in Portugal and the popular saying "older than the Cathedral of Braga", to refer to something with a long time, is illustrative of its antiquity. Its ecclesiastical power, so often associated in medieval times with the power of the sword, extended through the kingdoms of Spain and Portugal.

In the shadow of the Cathedral, Braga was enriched with monuments. in the century In the 16th century, Archbishop Diogo de Sousa, dazzled by the Rome of Pope Julius II, gave it the shine and decorative grace of the Renaissance. Later, the exuberance of Baroque art would add other buildings of great magnificence. From all times, the city holds unexpected memories, large and small, such as a medieval tower in the middle of the street, shuttered windows that covered women's faces or a rocaille palace reminiscent of a Louis XV chest of drawers.

More recently, the establishment of the University and the quality of its contemporary architecture brought a youthful impulse that filled it with light, color and an unexpected modernity.

Monumental Braga
The city of Braga, being one of the oldest Christian cities in the world, has a vast religious heritage. Churches abound in its historic centre, with several properties classified as national monuments. For the visitor, the Cathedral of Braga is the unavoidable Ex-Libris, built in the 11th century. But a leisurely stroll through the center reveals countless other historic buildings.

Nearby, Bom Jesus and Sameiro stand out, on the slope of the same name, but others of superior historical value can be visited, such as the Basilica of São Martinho de Dume, the Chapel of São Frutuoso, and several Convents, which surround the city.

Braga Night
At night, Braga is filled with light, inside and out. Its spaces, monuments and streets, illuminated, are an invitation to a relaxed walk. The numerous cafes and leisure spaces, gardens and squares, bars and shopping centers are sought after by the population for a peaceful end of the day.

Braga Viva
Always a major shopping centre, the city of Braga has gained in recent years the status of the third largest city in the country, with its 180,000 inhabitants. His University of Minho grew and exponentiated an active life that never stopped being reflected in the city's streets. With a population always eager for cultural and social activities, the streets are filled with terraces and gatherings in cafes. The Teatro-Circo, renovated a few years ago, is a fantastic example of a living cultural hall. Every year, during Holy Week and the Popular Festivals of S. João, the city is filled with animation and street life.

Braga Comercial
From the eternal Rua do Souto to the modern shopping centres, Braga exudes an atmosphere of commercial demand. The historic area, largely closed to traffic, is also a huge open-air commercial space, well preserved, and with the best brands available in its stores.

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