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Luggage Carrier Hotel Axis Porto Club

We are a Hotel Group in strong expansion, with 6 hotel units and a golf course in the North of Portugal, structured by a strong business culture and we are selecting candidates for a new Hotel unit in the city of Porto:

Literary qualifications at the 9/12 Year level.
Professional experience in the area (preferably in Hospitality and Tourism).
Good interpersonal and communication skills.
Fluent in English and French (preferred factor). Ease of handling computer tools – Microsoft Office and HOST (preferred factor).
I like teamwork.
Availability to work at night.
Availability to work in Porto.

Control movement and host guests.
Guide the reception of baggage or mail and ensure its distribution.
Record information and lost objects. Receiving and transmitting telephone communications or messages and providing information.
Carry out or guide rounds on floors and other dependencies, checking the operation of lights, air conditioning, heating and water.
Collect information or reports on customer complaints and transmit it to the competent services.
Receiving and verifying orders.
Support car parking.
Provide information about tourist activities and provide guidance about the city.
Manage information and communicate with the respective departments.

Salary corresponding to the role.
Stable contract. Opening hours: from Monday to Sunday with rotating days off.
Immediate availability.

We are looking for people who are customer-oriented, passionate about their role and willing to be part of a team oriented towards providing excellent service. If this is your case, you should send your application with the reference "BAGAGEIRO" to and become part of the fantastic team of a Hotel Group of reference in the national market.
*Only applications sent to the email address indicated and accompanied by their Curriculum Vitae will be considered.
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