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In Ponte de Lima, gastronomy satisfies lovers of "good food": quality ingredients, a combination of flavors "old" with "modern" knowledge provide the best food in the region.
Not forgetting cod (of all shapes and sizes) and the lamprey, the “sarrabulho” and traditional sweets.

Taste the best cuisine in the Ponte de Lima Restaurant at the Hotel

The Hotel has to offer you a variety of traditional dishes, prepared on the basis of quality standards, maintaining the typical flavors of each ingredient.

Restaurant Migaitas Golfe

Located inside the Golf Resort, the Restaurant Migaitas Golfe presents portuguese traditional cuisine, and the best of international modern cooking.

3 rooms with large enough for 200 people, an offer of special services, and an esplanade over the golf, are a great reason for you and your family to visit us, also a great place for a business lunch or dinner.


Monday through Thursday: 10: 00h - 16: 00h and 19: 00h - 23: 00h | Friday and Saturday: 10: 00H - 23: 00 | Sunday: 10: 00- 16:00 - Closed for dinner

Restaurant Eagle

The restaurant Eagle, is located inside the hotel, with a great view over the golf. This restaurant, with a capacity of 120 persons, can be used for special events, such as business meetings, both as the main room, or as a cocktail area as support for business meetings. Also available for personal and family happenings.


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