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The restaurant Migaitas Station '

It is in Station Square in Maximinos , located the most recent bet entrepreneur Fernando Migaitas restoration . The restaurant Migaitas Station ' opened its doors last week , next to Hotel Basic Braga , and promises to make you successful. Large , airy , modern and very welcoming . So can you describe the new restaurant entrepreneur who already has the Exhibitor and Tavern Migaitas .

Due to its location , half walls with a low cost hotel , this restaurant has a different concept , as explained in the very Migaitas Fernando : "as the hotel , this is also a low cost restaurant, which invests in business to economy priced menus . However, they can also be enjoyed here the dishes we have in other restaurants . "
From Monday to Friday you can have lunch at ' Migaitas Station , with a set menu for only 5.50 euros and 7.50 euros for dinner . That menu includes bread , soup, fruit or sweet dessert , water or a glass of wine and coffee .

At lunch there are always two dishes to choose the executive menu , one fish and one meat .
The dishes are varied and already here reveal the menu that is planned for this week at lunch : today there are fillets of swordfish and chicken pot pie ; Tomorrow is the choice between roast baked fish and pork to the Alentejo ; Wednesday is the choice between cod à Gomes de Sá or homemade beef patties ; Thursday is the option for grilled salmon or chicken with barbecue sauce ; and Friday is the choice between rroz fresh octopus grilled steak or turkey with golden apple .
Much success in these early days has made francesinhas and also barbecued chicken , one of the bets .

Kitchen is in the hands of chef Conception Mosque

Customers can also opt for the service to list and delight in the iconic dishes made in other restaurants of the entrepreneur. The highlight goes to the Abbe cod Priscos , made ​​by chef Conception Mosque that for 18 years headed the restaurant Abbot Prsicos . " The chef came Exhibitor , as indeed all the staff ," explains Migaitas . Management is delivered to Graciete Lisbon, which has extensive experience in the area , also in the restaurant Exhibitor .

Other dishes served to the list are cod with bread , codfish Braga , the inevitable roast roast kid , pampering black pork and , this March , the lamprey .
The restaurant, which closed Sunday , has an excellent terrace that as soon as weather warm up a little promises to delight of those who like to dine outdoors.

Parking is no problem , since the restaurant has free parking for customers at the doorstep. Just touch the bell at the gate that gives access to the Hotel Basic Braga ( in wide from the CP ) and enter. Just outside the gate raises automatically.
Another bet this will be the space group dinners , with menus from 12,50 Euro per person .

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