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"Axis Ofir" - MC Porto prepares "20th Place Moto-rally"

MO 20 Moto - Rally Interest promoted by MC Harbour , which is part of the 15th Trophy Moto - Rally rental Michelin / BMW FPM is planned for the next 26 to 27 March definitive date after postponing a calendar week . for this "competition " MC Port refers to Esposende with a location that combines " River , estuary , sea , countryside and mountains in a county so small! "

Esposende is elected by the Moto Clube do Porto to celebrate the 20th edition of its Moto - rally Place scenario . Because it was there that in 2004 we live great weekend getaway! And , thanks to the hospitality of the Municipality of Esposende Motorcycle Club and The Castrejos .

" Secures the organization that will be two " great days " , but to pay attention to the proposed program : Saturday , March 26 - Welcome and breakfast on the beach of the restaurant - bar Esposende " High Seas " .

- 10.01h : Departure Team # 1 for the southern part of the county Esposende , knowing the tradition of bracelets São Salvador da Bahia ( which after all is coming here ! ) , Reliving the gathering of sargaçona Apulia and discovering the Torch Bonança the Source of Dornoch and Marachão . Thank you Dr. Neiva !

- Coexistence with esposendense rider Paulo Goncalves , accompanied by his bike in the Dakar

- Increase the Castro St. Lawrence and knowledge of life 5,000 years ago

- Lunch with the Castro St. Lawrence

- Afternoon visits to sawmills Mills and Abelheira Farm Curved and still fighting the Napoleonic wars in the Castro of the Helpless

- Check in at Hotel Axis Ofir ( **** ) , dinner at the same hotel and ... Evening with Paulo Gonçalves ! The pilot will offer a lecture on the Dakar - where he won a stage in 2011 - chronicling adventures and asking questions to participants Moto- Rally Place !

Sunday, March 27 - Depart for the 2nd stage
- Guided tour of the estuary Cávado with ornithologist Jorge Silva that will help discover many unknown details of Nature

- Continuation of the Watermill Minante , Menhir S. Palo Pantheon and the poet Correia de Oliveira

- To get back to the house blessed , we have the Holy Bath of St. Bartholomew waiting for us

- Late lunch ( early) at Hotel Axis Ofir delivering souvenirs

The registration fee , 59 euros , including breakfast welcome in Esposende Beach , Saturday lunch at Castro St. Lawrence , Saturday dinner , overnight stay, breakfast and Sunday lunch at Hotel Axis Ofir ( * *** ) in Ofir , Esposende .

For more information about this event and see more entries in , or contact Ernesto Paperback by 934 833 137 or by email :

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