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About the Region - Oporto

Overlooking the River Douro, Oporto is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Born and developed during the Middle Age, on the north side of the River Douro. One of the most significant aspects of Oporto and the center is its scenic environment, the result of the harmony of its lines and its urban structure, which is a group of rare beauty.

The city was classified as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1996. Discover the city of Oporto is to discover many surprises. Beside the hospitable nature of their inhabitants, you can find a conservative city, contemporary and creative. The marks of this "well being" can be felt on the streets, architecture and monuments, in museums, in spaces of leisure, the coffee houses and in commercial areas.

The attractions are many and diverse. The monuments, the museums and churches, the bridges, the Oporto Wine Caves, the markets and fairs, the Natural Parks, the Festivals and Pilgrimages, are only some reasons to choose this destination.

You can visit the areas classified Cultural Heritage of Humanity and discover the Historic Center of Oporto: Cathedral, "Ribeira" / S. Nicholas, Victoria and Miragaia.

The Port Wine is the worlds most famous wine, produced exclusively in the demarcated Douro region, and exported in the old city of Oporto, from which took the name. The Port wine cellars are the ideal place to discover this unique drink and its entire history. Open to public, offer the opportunity to enjoy this precious nectar, know its history over time, the region where it is produced and how it is obtained.

The cultural life of Oporto is far from being exhausted in its historic and monumental. Coffee houses, entertainment theatres, cinemas, music bars and dancings, boating, nightlife, are just some of the offerings in the leisure.



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