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1 - It is not allowed to wear jeans, shorts or beach digs sleeve sweaters and tracksuits
2 - Required the use of shoes fit for golf
3 - If a game is late and lose more than a hole in the front relative to the players, must miss the match that follows behind
4 - The number of players of a game should not exceed 4
5 - The sharing of bags or golf clubs is not allowed
6 - Only two players and two bags are allowed in an electric car
7 - Children under the age of 18 are not allowed to drive electric cars
8 - Keep electric cars on the roads designed for that purpose
9 - Dogs are not allowed on the golf course and Club House
10 - The practice is restricted to areas reserved for that purpose
11 - Not allowed to "pitch" on the edge of "putting greens"

Rules for Use of Buggys

- Use prohibited for persons under 18 years
- Maximum capacity two persons
- Lock the vehicle when exiting to play
- Do not accelerate downhill
- Do not lock the brakes and keep the foot on the brake when going downhill
- We recommend additional caution in holes 1, 4, 7, 8, 9, 13
- Required by the circular driveway in the places where it exists
- In holes 1 and 9 to GPL - Golf Ponte de Lima SA is not responsible for accidents occurring outside of marked paths for buggies
- GPL - Golf Ponte de Lima SA reserves the right not to rent the buggy when the weather does not permit
- It is forbidden to circulate with the buggy on top of greens and tees (LPG reserves the right to suspend the game in these circumstances)
- Please notice the marks made, smooth bunkers and replace the grass after the stroke
- Maximum handicap allowed is 28 / 36
- We wish you a good game



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